Lions Fort is a company that holds multiple businesses under one big company. It contains a distribution business which distribute high quality consumer electronic products inside Kurdistan Region and Iraq. A software development section that helps building up ideas to be a part of the reality.


We provide exceptional services to our customers. We promise superior service, support and maintaining it as we grow. We strive to be the partner of choice for our business partners, customers, and employees.


Deliver maximum benefits to their customers. To Enhance each and every customer’s experience towards unforgettable one. To become one of the top providers of technology products in Kurdistan.


We are looking for international partners who want to promote their products in global and local region. we may work for you as a regional distributers. Snapshot provides import representation and strategic marketing assistance to companies that have identified Iraq and Kurdistan Region as a score target for their quality products and brands. Currently, we are inviting manufacturers of products and brands to be our partners.